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If you want to offer model building services to other forum members please post here!! OR if you are looking for someone to build kits for you, then you can also post a request here.


Postby Purple Bob » Tue Jul 23, 2013 3:12 am

We offer this section of the forum as a service to members here......

Any contract between forum members to build models or have models built for them, is entirely between the parties concerned. Purple Bob's Hobbies disclaims any liability for any loss or damage occasioned as a result of using the model building services of any other forum member or contracting to build models for any other forum member.

That aside.... we've been asked so many times over the last year, whether we can recommend a model builder to build our kits that we felt it was very worthwhile adding this section to the forum. It gives model builders the opportunity to post pictures giving examples of their work, and it gives other forum members the opportunity to make informed choices.

No links to external sites in relation to this please!! Please deal with each other via the PM system in the forum or via private e-mail for contractual discussions.

We strongly recommend to all parties concerned that they use PayPal for all financial transactions, as that protects both parties, in the event that something goes wrong.

Have Fun!!
Purple Bob.
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