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Rules For Off Site Links

A list of file sizes and file types allowed on the forum in your posts. Post a message here if you need further help with pictures, uploads and avatars. Details forum rules for off site linking.

Rules For Off Site Links

Postby Purple Bob » Tue Jul 23, 2013 3:37 pm

When posting anywhere in the forum the following rules must be followed in relation to off site links.

Things you are not allowed to link to:
1) No links are allowed to e-bay items for sale.
2) No links are allowed to direct competitors to Purple Bob's Hobbies products or web sites.
3) No off-site links to Youtube videos or other similar host sites. If you want to show a Youtube video please embed it in your post using correct bb code.
4) No links to web sites containing Wares, Copyright Video or Copyright Music. Basically no copyright infringement.
5) No links to sites containing material unsuitable for our younger members. EVER!

Things you can link to with pleasure:
1) Your own personal (non commercial) web site.
2) Links and reviews of products that are of specific interest to others here, and which offer value for money or are just great products. (But NOT advertisements for web sites you are connected with, and not posted repeatedly... that would be spam) Basically, if you're writing a review of something you found, then pictures on the forum are highly desirable and a link is perfectly OK.
3) Links to news and other stories as long as they are more or less on topic.
4) Links to (not for profit) Club and (non commercial) Club Support web sites. Including Exhibition Diaries.

Please don't abuse this forum and the free space which we give to you... Breaking these rules will mean that the post in question will be deleted, and the poster given a warning. Repeat offending would result in suspension and in the worst cases banning from the forums.

Best Regards,
Purple Bob.
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