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Useful Free Stuff That Bob Has Found For You

This is a page of useful free software and downloads that bob has accumulated.
We will be adding more FREE STUFF to this page
and when we do we’ll announce it in the forum.

Scale Calc

This is possibly one of the most useful little utilities that a modeller could ever want. Bob uses it all the time and it just sits on the desktop where it’s handy.Not only does it allow you to work out what size any object should be at any chosen scale. It also works out scale conversions as a percentage of the original size.

The first page allows you to enter the input and output scales and it works out the percentage difference for you. Easy and very useful.

The second tabbed page allows you to enter input and output sizes and it will tell you exactly what the scale difference between them actually is.

Written by Frank Crenshaw, and distributed as FREEWARE! Many thanks Frank! you’ve made it quicker and easier for bob to calculate scales when he runs out of paws to count on.

It’s so easy that you don’t even have to install it… just click the button below to download the file. unzip it anywhere on your hard drive, create a link to it on the desktop and it works.

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