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Bob's cookie policy -- eat all the cookies

Thanks to some nice people, at the European Parliament, Bob has to spend time making this page when he could be designing models for you instead.

So here is Bob’s cookie policy… Bob says he hopes that you like it as much as he likes the cookies.


1) Bob gets all the Chocolate Chip Cookies.
2) Nobody else gets the Chocolate Chip Cookies except for Bob.
3) Bob reserves all rights to the Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Bob is going to be very annoyed when he figures out that “Cookies” are actually small pieces of text, that our website sends to your web browser, so that it can see what you have put into your shopping basket, or keep up with what pages you want in the forum, or tell our website when you want to use the checkout.. and a few other minor things that the website software does for housekeeping.

We do not collect and keep identifiable information about you by using cookies.
We do not use tracking cookies to see where you have been and what you have been doing on our web site.
We do not use cookies to give information to any third party about you or your web activities.
We absolutely respect your right to privacy on the internet.

We are obliged by the European Parliament to advise you that this web site does use cookies for the functions specified, and that in telling you about it we are complying with the requirements of the associated European Statutory Instrument and UK Law.

We are obliged to advise you that if you do not agree to the use of cookies for the above purposes, you can either disable them in your web browser or choose not to proceed to use our website. However, if you do disable cookies, you will severely limit what you will be able to do on our website. It would mean that the shopping cart and forum will no longer work for you.

Many Thanks! Purple Bob.

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