Precision Digital Multimeter

Precision Digital Multimeter: Model DT-830D

Perfect tool for all model makers. Great for testing circuits on model railways.Perfect for checking and testing leads on model aircraft and indispensable to anyone building electronic circuits.

* Measures DC volts in the range from 200mV to 1000V at a precision of 0.05% Memory function 1000V
* Measures AC volts ranges 200V & 750V Memory function max. 750V
* Measures DC Amps in ranges between 2000Ua to 10Amps Maximum memory 2mA
* Resistance ranges 200 Ohms to 2000K Ohms
* Diode test with a test currant of 1.5mA
* Transistor test hFE NPN PNP resolution 0-1000 Vcc=2.8V
* Temperature -40 to 1000C
* Continuity check buzzer sounds if resistance is less than 30 Ohms

Comes complete with a printed set of instructions and Red and Black test leads with probe points. Packed in a carded bubble pack.


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Weight 175 g
Dimensions 205 × 151 × 27 mm


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