7mm Scale Windows 3×4 Die Cut Panes – Various Colours

7mm Scale Windows 3×4 Die Cut Panes – Various Colours

Requires no work other than gluing to complete the finished and glazed windows!!

Our card die cut windows are shown here larger than actual size to illustrate the quality of the product. The square panes on the actual windows are a scale size of 1 foot by 1 foot, making each glass pane 7mm x 7mm approx.

Perfect for use in scratch building projects, or for use in modifying other models to suit your exact needs.

1) Industrial Black.
2) Chocolate Brown (for GWR and Western Region).
3) Maroon (for LMS and Midland Region).
4) Green (similar to Southern Coach Stock Green).
5) Navy Blue (Similar to LNER station blue).
6) White
7) Cream (Textured)

Purple Bob's die cuts are designed to a scale of 7mm to the foot and are perfect for use with “O” Gauge model railways, or with 7mm scale “Narrow Gauge” railways.


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The outside dimensions of this window are:
1.5 inches (3.9cm) high
1.2 inches (3cm) wide
Designed to fit behind a wall cutout:
1.4 inches (3.5cm) high
1.1 inches (2.7cm) wide

10 x Card Die Cut Window Frames (at 235gsm-300gsm)
1 x Sheet Of Acetate To Glaze All 10 Windows
1 x Assembly Instruction Sheet



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Many Thanks! Purple Bob.

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